December 14-16, 2018
Moscow >
Digital Leadership Centre


Where science and technologies meet business
3 days
of networking at the largest Russian technology hub SAP
Who should visit the Conference?
Business owners
Top management
Developers and programmers
Investment funds
International and Russian startups
Poster session

At the conference, scientists will be able to present their reports at the stage and showcase their researches at the exhibit stands (poster session).

You will be able to get comments from the best experts in AI and understand what is needed to be improved in their work to move on.

Startup valley

At the startup alley teams will present their projects in front of the conference attendees, communicate with investors showing their product going live.

Startup teams can participate in the pitch session in front of investors, presenting their projects in a limited amount of time.

AI.Hack hackathon

As part of A!ONE we will hold AI.Hack Hackathon with a prize pool of $10 000.

Use this opportunity to test your skills and have a chance to work with large companies.


Top 5

Artificial Intelligence helps with a diagnosis accuracy and with the personalized treatment for patients.
Artificial Intelligence for purchases forecasting, decision making, logistics improvement and marketing purposes.
Artificial Intelligence for equipment failures prevention, maintenance costs and risks cutback.
Artificial Intelligence in area unmanned equipment development, harvesting , irrigation and forecasting weather conditions.
Artificial Intelligence use in chatbots to help employees to serve customers faster and with less effort, as well as loans and risk management.

A!ONE Conference

Day 1
December 14
AI Hub Stage
At this stage, business representatives will be able to learn about the possibilities of artificial intelligence with the use of large and successful businesses’ case studies. We are also bringing corporations, investors and journalists together to share the experience & knowledge and to facilitate the paths to the cooperation and productive networking.
18:00 Registration opens
18:30 Conference opening (stage-by-stage description of the program, key points, navigation, presentations from the partners of the event); AI.Hack Hackathon beginning at the iLoveHack Stage
19:00 Organizers announcement with the description of the main mission of the conference
19:30 General partner speech «Building an ecosystem and AI transformation in business»
20:00 Main trends in Artificial Intelligence: where are we now and where are we heading to?
22:00 VIP guests dinner
Day 2
December 15
Science Guide stage.
The Science Guide Stage is a unique platform for scientists, where they will showcase their scientific researches, dissertations, scientific articles, and identify niches that can be enhanced with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
Biological Session
10:00 Application of artificial intelligence in biology
11:00 How does artificial intelligence help to discover new drugs?
11:30 Processing medical data using artificial intelligence
12:00 Human-Computer Interaction with New Interfaces
12:30 A device capable of hearing thoughts
13:00 Modeling research using artificial intelligence
14:00 Intelligent recognition of emotions
14:30 Modern neural network methods of emotional speech processing
15:00 Artificial Intelligence for Effective Evaluation of the Functionality of Cellular Therapy
15:30 Poster and beer sessions
Medical Session
16:00 The use of artificial intelligence in the diagnosis of diseases
16:30 Personalized treatment
17:00 Clinical studies
17:30 Radiology and Radiation Therapy
18:00 Predicting outbreaks of the epidemic
18:30 The Role of Ethical Principles in the Development and Verification of Artificial Intelligence Systems
Ilovehack stage.
A platform for startups, technology entrepreneurs and developers, who use Artificial Intelligence in corporations and startups. You will pump your necessary skills for the successful scale of their project to the international market.
10:00 How do start-ups promote their product to the international market?
11:00 Art and Artificial Intelligence
12:00 How artificial intelligence can solve business problems and give jobs to people around the world
13:00 How to survive in the best fund of the world?
CTO session
14:00 CTO panel
15:00 How can a startup fit into a London ecosystem?
15:30 Silicon Valley: features of launching a technological start-up
Club meeting Women in deep tech
16:00 Cognitive technologies in real business
17:00 How to build a technological corporation?
17:30 Panel discussion of the representatives of the club
18:00 Speed ​​Dating: investors and technology startups
AI Hub Stage
At this stage, business representatives will be able to learn about the possibilities of artificial intelligence with the use of large and successful businesses’ case studies. We are also bringing corporations, investors and journalists together to share the experience & knowledge and to facilitate the paths to the cooperation and productive networking.
10:00 AI in a market economy
Health Session
11:00 Building a fundamental data ecosystem in a large company
11:30 Algorithms for forecasting in healthcare
12:00 4p medicine is a new direction of healthcare development
12:30 Innovations in primary medical and sanitary diagnostics
13:00 Medical panel. Can artificial intelligence cure humanity?
14:00 The appearance of the main giants in healthcare
Financial Session
15:00 How much money will save artificial intelligence for business until 2025?
16:00 The future of AI in Fintech
17:00 Landscape map on Artificial Intelligence prepresentation. Evgeniya Konovalova (CEO at Science Guide) and Richard Shelley (Chief Analyst at Science Guide)
17:30 Ai Hub Awards
18:00 Top 10 world accelerators
19:00 Pitch session of the best startups for artificial intelligence
Day 3
December 16
Science Guide stage.
The Science Guide Stage is a unique platform for scientists, where they will showcase their scientific researches, dissertations, scientific articles, and identify niches that can be enhanced with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
Space session
10:00 Application of artificial intelligence in space applications
10:30 Collection of space data
11:00 Analysis of data about the planets
11:30 Artificial Intelligence in Space Navigation
12:00 How does artificial intelligence help to land a rocket?
12:00 A New Era of Discoveries: Space Exploration and Machine Learning
Ecological session
13:00 Artificial intelligence to help the planet
13:30 How to analyze water resources with the help of artificial intelligence?
14:00 Oceanic bacteria
14:30 Artificial intelligence and large data against air pollution
15:00 Artificial Intelligence in Combating Climate Change
15:30 Photo and beer session
Physical Session
16:00 Application of artificial intelligence in physics
17:00 Artificial Intelligence for Quantum Computing
17:00 Metamaterials: recent research and findings
17:30 Fundamental research in the field of detection of gravitational waves
Geology Session
18:00 How does artificial intelligence help the oil industry?
18:30 The use of artificial intelligence in the oil and gas industry
19:00 Technology of searching for new-generation minerals: application of artificial intelligence in geology
Ilovehack stage.
A platform for startups, technology entrepreneurs and developers, who use Artificial Intelligence in corporations and startups. You will pump your necessary skills for the successful scale of their project to the international market.
Tech workshops
10:00 Open-Air Libraries
10:30 How does DeepTensor work?
11.00 How to create NLP neurons and complex interactive systems using machine learning?
11:30 Best practices in the development of recommendatory systems
12:00 What data is needed for computer vision?
12:30 NLP in the industry
13:00 Voice recognition workshop
13:30 Network Neural Network Workshop
14:00 Panel discussion of representatives of the community on artificial intelligence
Startup workshops
15:00 Training speech in TEDx format
16:00 Build your product on artificial intelligence
16:30 Advantages of the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem of Great Britain
17:00 What start-ups are needed for big business?
19:00 Final pitch of participants of the hackathon AI.Hack
20:00 Hackathon winners' reward
22:00 Afterparty
AI Hub Stage
At this stage, business representatives will be able to learn about the possibilities of artificial intelligence with the use of large and successful businesses’ case studies. We are also bringing corporations, investors and journalists together to share the experience & knowledge and to facilitate the paths to the cooperation and productive networking.
10:00 Analytical panel. Why does AI attract media attention?
Trading Session
11:00 Artificial intelligence in the development of the retail industry
12:00 Business panel: The experience of using artificial intelligence in large international retail companies
Energy Session
13:00 How does the artificial intelligence change the energy industry?
14:00 Business panel The experience of introducing artificial intelligence into the business processes of international energy companies
Session on Agriculture
15:00 The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
16:00 Business panel: The most amazing achievements of artificial intelligence in agriculture
Creative session
17:00 Can artificial intelligence change the rules of the game in the creative industries?
17:30 Panel discussion: The use of artificial intelligence in art
Marketing Session
18:00 Artificial intelligence to help marketers
18:30 The best applications for marketers
Automotive Session
19:00 Creating smart cars and automating their production: how will AI change the car business?/span>
20:00 Business panel: The influence of artificial intelligence on the automotive industry: the experience of large companies
22:00 Afterparty

New technologies-
new opportunities for your business!


ABBYY, Yva.AI David Yang Founder and Chairman ABBYY, Co-founder, Silicon Valley based serial entrepreneur

Mr. Yang is the founder of ABBYY, a global leader in Content Intelligence with offices in 11 countries and 1,000 employees, a co-founder of, an AI-based People Analytics platform, a co-founder and board member at numerous technology companies and charity organizations, including iiko, Plazius, Ayb Educational Foundation, etc.

One of the top 100 World Technology Pioneers (World Economic Forum, Davos, 2002).

Bayer Eugene Borukhovich Global Head for Digital Health & Innovation

Eugene currently serves as a Global Head for Digital Health & Innovation at Bayer. Prior to that, he headed up the Healthcare vertical at SoftServe Inc, a leading global outsourced product and solution development provider.

Eugene was the Founder and CEO of Initium Consulting Group B.V. an Amsterdam-based, pre-eminent boutique service provider of the knowledge expertise to the healthcare and private equity industries which was acquired by SoftServe.

Prior to starting his own consulting company, Eugene served as a VP & CIO of Medco International, a Fortune 15 Pharmacy Benefit Management company with the last 2.5 years working with European clients and vendors to launch new and innovative healthcare products.

Eugene was a co-founder and a chief evangelist officer at a healthcare startup, HealthWorldWeb, which was sold to a publicly traded company in 2010. He is also the founder and a community organizer of Health 2.0 NYC & Health 2.0 Amsterdam & Health 2.0 Dusseldorf and has been a pioneer in healthcare consumerism and open health data.

Eugene enjoys mentoring startups in programs such as Rockstart, Grants4Apps and StartupBootcamp and an avid blogger about innovation, digital health and startups.

500 Startups Marvin Liao Partner at 500 Startups

Marvin is a Partner at 500 Startups, a global Seed Venture Capital Firm & Startup Accelerator based in Silicon Valley. He invests in Digital Media, Enterprise SAAS, Marketplace, Fintech, Adtech, Digital Health, Internet of Things & Mobile startups across the globe. 

Formerly of Yahoo! Inc. (10.5 years), Marvin Liao has held roles in the various departments of Sales, Business Development, Ad Operations and Marketing & ran online marketing at a venture capital funded ecommerce start-up prior to that. He also serves on the boards/advisory boards of several internet advertising and ad technology companies. 

In addition, he is a Mentor for several Startup Accelerator programs in Europe, Asia, Israel and the US, helping guide startup teams with their sales, marketing and partner development efforts.

JPMorgan Chase & CO Rodrigo Salvaterra Program Manager at JPMorgan Chase JPMorgan Chase & CO.

Rodrigo Salvaterra is a Global Business Engineer responsible for Strategic Programs and Emerging Technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. He is also a scholar from Harvard University and member of the American Economic Association. He performs various volunteer activities with community banks on Data Science and Analytics improving their capacity in reaching underserved and low-income communities. His most recent work is Hands-On Machine Learning for Blockchain with release date planned for early 2019

Frost & Sullivan Neelotpal Goswami Senior Industry Analyst, Life Sciences

Neelotpal has more than 10 years of advisory experience in the life science and healthcare industry. His main focus areas include: Growth Opportunity Mapping, Digital Transformation, Strategy and Competitive Analysis. Neelotpal has big expertise in multiple verticals life science and healthcare segments such as: Cutting-edge Technology Enablement using AI, Big-data, Blockchain, Cloud IoT and Continuum Approaches to “Prevent-Manage-Repair” Aging. His work also covers the Next Generation Sequencing, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Pharmaceutical Procurement and Supply Chain. Neelotpal leads multiple projects for big pharma clients in North America, Europe and Asia. His most recent work Digital Transformation in the Global Pharmaceuticals Industry will release soon.

Bucharest AI Alexandra Petrus Google Developer Expert / Product Strategy

PM Fintech [Blockchain, DApps, Digital Assets], ранее – VP @Reincubate. Соучредитель Bucharest AI [консультирование и / или обучение практиков, стартапов и компаний, применяющих ИИ] и эксперт Google по стратегии продукта. Независимо от контекста, Александра строит продукты с определенной целью, делая приоритет на людях.

Тема заголовка: Перевод машинных результатов в контекстный дизайн ИИ

Описание темы: Связывание мышления ИИ с работой ИИ. Как современные бизнес-модели и процессы должны быть скорректированы для удовлетворения новых технических проблем и проблем доверия. Практические кейсы использования ИИ, ловушки, которых можно избежать, и лучшие практики на сегодняшний день.

City AI Elena Tosheva Global Head of Community

Elena is heading the global community of City AI - a high-profile network, providing engaging events & curating top-trending content in 55+ cities across 6 continents. Their goal is to multiply the AI talent pool and allow for better application of AI globally.

Previously Elena has overseen the Techstars startup communities across Europe and she has lead the marketing efforts of JA Europe. Passionate about entrepreneurship education and innovation, she's a strong believer in the #givefirst mentality!

Yva Technologies Eric S. Pelletier Co-Founder, CEO of Yva Technologies

One of the most sought-after and respected HR analysts in the world, he created and until recently headed the strategic planning unit of the staff at Hay Group/Korn Ferry.

Eric joined Bain & Co in 1984, working in London, Boston, and Paris, where he was appointed partner of the company. In 1992, Eric Pelletier founded and headed WetherbyFinance. In 1998, he wrote a draft business plan that led to the founding and development of Hypnion, a biotech company specializing in sleep disorders and sold to Eli Lilly for $315 million. Later, Eric Pelletier created the Global M&A Practice at Andersen Consulting and headed the Automotive Practice at Booz, Allen Hamilton in Paris.

In 2007, when he led the Private Equity Practice at Oliver Wyman (which he himself founded), Eric led a research project to understand the root causes of high corporate performance in investment funds.

Realizing that people management is a weak link in many companies, he decided to focus on People and Organization Analytics to improve customer performance. At HayGroup/Korn Ferry, Eric Pelletier led the Key Clients Europe division and created the Global Strategic Workforce Planning practice based on the analytics he developed.

Datasine Igor Volzhanin CEO Datasine

Igor is the CEO of DataSine - a London-based startup, which is using AI and psychology to empower companies personalise their marketing communications at scale. Inspired by his PhD in Psychology and Computer Science at the University of London, he founded DataSine in 2015. Before that Igor spent five years working in international development and lived in New York, Frankfurt, Tirana and New Delhi. A relentless innovator, he is passionate about bringing his research to life and helping companies build meaningful relationships with their customers.

Alice at Yandex Daniil Kolesnikov Head of Marketing

Daniil Kolesnikov serves as a Head of Marketing at Yandex where he is in charge of Alisa voice assistant promotion. Before Yandex, Daniil was an educator and a coucher in the IT-sector. In 2013 he came to Yandex to create and delelop marketing special projects. After a while Daniil became a head of the B2B Marketing and was in charge of the advertising products promotion. Since 2018 Daniil has been responsible for the promotion of the Yandex vioce assistant Alisa.

PitchMe Dina Bayasanova CEO

Dina Bayasanova, PhD - Co-Founder and CEO at PitchMe, skillsourcing platform based in Great Britain. The Startup has attracted two funding rounds and undergone the accelerator program in New York.

Before launching PitchMe Dina served as a Project Manager in the oil & gas industry (Gazprom, Enel, Zurich Investment Services). She also led the organization run by young professionals in the power industry in London. Dina has obtained her PhD in economics

NVIDIA Dmitry Korobchenko Deep Learning R&D Engineer

Dmitry graduated with honors from Moscow State University with a M.Sc degree in Computer Science. His main research interest in the university was computer vision. After graduation Dmitry worked as a software engineer at IBM before moving to Samsung Electronics for 5 years where he undertook various research and development in areas of deep learning, computer vision and signal processing, as both an engineer and project manager. Currently he is a Deep Learning R&D Engineer at NVIDIA, continuing research, development and team leading in these areas. From time to time he gives pop-science lectures on introduction to deep learning and related topics.

Goldsmith Organization David Goldmith President and Co-founder

Goldsmith Organization (New York and Hong Kong), a consulting firm servicing executive clients worldwide Co-founder of Buzd, LLC, a firm in which he is a patent holder for technological applications and products related to artificial intelligence, cell phone applications, battery technologies, and consumer products; Chief Officer of Strategy for N2 Global Solutions, a company specializing in SuperGrid and IOT technology for use in advanced smart city development for the future; Fmr.

Co-founder of ecosystem.AI, a predictive analytics and visualization company that finds hidden value in market and organizational complexity relation-ships through identified patterns and spatial trends to reveal how business and organizational ecosystems change over time Founder of the Project Moon Hut Foundation and Project Leader of the global social movement, Project Moon Hut/The Age of Infinite, a four-year effort with NASA (Silicon Valley) to improve life on Earth through the accelerated development of an earth-and-space based ecosystem; and an adviser and stakeholder in several cutting-edge startups from around the world.

David is the recipient of the Hollywood Producers’ first ever Global Visionary Disruptor Award for his work with the Project Moon Hut Foundation: received New York University’s Excellence in Teaching Award during his 12 years as professor. He was also named by Meetings Magazine as one of its 26 Hottest Speakers.

Zichain Khachatur Gukasyan Co-founder, CEO

Khachatur is an established investment management professional with more than 10 years’ experience in asset management and private banking. During the course of his career, he has worked with the leading banks and hedge funds from Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Lichtenstein. Khachatur was the Partner and Managing Director of ATON, Russia’s oldest independent investment group. He was responsible for the development of ATON’s Swiss operations, ATON WM Suisse, from a start-up in 2014 to one of the leading independent asset managers in Switzerland with assets under management over USD 250m. Khachatur possesses strong expertise in brokerage, asset restructuring and financial advisory, and is a frequent lecturer on alternative investments. He is a qualified asset manager and financial markets specialist and has a degree in political science.

SVAI Lily Vittayarukskul VP of Technology

Lily's passion for engineering, and scientific discovery led her to SVAI where she leads all aspects technology and data. In her role as VP of Technology, she pilots AI innovation projects to better understand how interdisciplinary research communities can help undiagnosed and rare disease patients. Lily attended UC Berkeley where she studied genetics and data science. Using these foundations entrepreneurially keeps her engaged on the cutting edge of industry and academia.

Сreative AI Luba Elliott Curator and researcher specialising in AI in the creative industries

Luba Elliott is a curator and researcher specialising in artificial intelligence in the creative industries. She is currently working to educate and engage the broader public about the latest developments in creative AI through monthly meetups, talks, workshops and exhibitions at venues including The Photographers’ Gallery (UK) Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), NIPS Conference and Impakt Festival (Netherlands). Her Creative AI London community includes 2,000+ members.

Alongside her curatorial work, Luba was recently part of the investment team at AI seed, where she sourced and managed investments in early stage AI start-ups. She has advised organisations including The World Economic Forum, Google and City University on the topic. Prior to that, she worked in start-ups, including the art collector database Larry’s List. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Modern Languages at the University of Cambridge and has a certificate in Design Thinking from the Hasso-Plattner-Institute D-school in Potsdam.

Dublin Institute of Technology Dr Luca Longo Academic, National Teaching Hero, AI researcher, TEDx speaker

Dr. Longo is a curious individual deeply devoted to and highly passionate for science. He strives for excellence and contribution to knowledge. He successfully defended his PhD thesis in Artificial Intelligence at Trinity college Dublin after a bachelor and masters in Computer Science, Statistics and Health Informatics. He is actively engaged in dissemination of scientific material to the public as his TEDx talks demonstrate. He has received various awards both for his research work and for his teaching. With his team of doctoral and post-doctoral students, he conducts fundamental research in Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Defeasible Reasoning and Non-monotonic Argumentation. He also performs applied research in Machine Learning and predictive data analytics, mainly applied to the problem of mental workload modeling. In 2016 he received a "national teaching hero award" from the national forum for teaching and learning in Ireland, widely covered by European media. He has released interviews to local, national and international newspapers, TVs and news programmes, radios, online magazines and participated as keynote speaker in different universities worldwide. With two additional masters in Pedagogy, he is an advocate of motivational teaching and strongly supports learning through passion. Having gained invaluable education, work experience and international recognition he is strongly motivated to revolutionise the science of mental workload, pave a new research path with a significant impact for the future societies and become a world leader in his field.

Friendly Data Michael Rumiancaŭ A tech entrepreneur who wants to bridge the gap between people and data.

A tech entrepreneur and investor who wants to bridge the gap between computer and humans. The founder of FriendlyData, an international company specializing in enterprise data. Michael raised more than $1M in funding from Silicon Valley-based investors (such as 500 Startups) and top European AI-focused VCs and sold FriendlyData to ServiceNow, Forbes’ No. 1 World’s Most Innovative Company.

Anadarko Petroleum Natalie Berestovsky Natalie Berestovsky is a data scientist in Anadarko’s AAET team (Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technology).

Natalie Berestovsky is a data scientist in Anadarko’s AAET team (Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technology). Natalie has earned her Bachelor’s in computer science from University of Texas at Austin and her Master’s and a PhD in computer science from Rice University. Her graduate research focus was in bioinformatics. She worked closely with MD Anderson Cancer Research Center to create models for cellular biochemical processes. After graduation, Natalie joined oil and gas industry, initially working in the area of reservoir simulation, and as a data scientist for the last 4 years. With the 7+ years of experience in oil and gas starting at Chevron and joining Anadarko 2 years ago, Natalie has been working as a data scientist addressing a variety different problems in the industry. In her every day job as a data scientist, Natalie works closely with subject matter experts to understand business problems and convert them into the data science projects. She develops solutions using most appropriate data science techniques ranging from traditional machine learning to deep learning methodology. She helps to deploy it to the users in a scalable and efficient way using latest available technology.

BMW Norman Müller Computer Vision Specialist

Изучал информатику и математику в RWTH Aachen University в Германии

После выпуска с отличием, он получил PhD в области Искусственного Интеллекта с фокусом на компьютерном зрении в BMW Group в Мюнхене.

Его исследования фокусируются на моделях определения объектов с возможностью применения в робомеханике, автономном транспорте и создании дорожных схем.

Sistema Venture Capital Peter Zhegin Leads investments in AI-powered software

Mr. Zhegin is a Venture Partner at Sistema Venture Capital, where he leads investments in AI-powered software. Prior to joining the Fund, Peter has spent over 5 years in strategy and investment roles in tech sector in Russia and the UK.

Insilico Medicine, Inc Alex Zhavoronkov Founder and CEO

Dr. Zhavoronkov is the founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine, a Baltimore-based leader in the next-generation artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies for drug discovery, biomarker development, and aging research. Prior to Insilico, he worked in senior roles at ATI Technologies, NeuroG Neuroinformatics, the Biogerontology Research Foundation and YLabs.AI. Since 2012 he published over 100 peer-reviewed research papers and two books. He organizes the annual Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Healthcare Forum at EMBO/Basel Life in Basel. Dr. Zhavoronkov is an adjunct professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

Frost&Sallivan Unmesh Lal Program manager transformational health

Unmesh Lal has 10+ years of healthcare industry expertise, comprising of strategy consulting, primarily with global pharmaceutical companies. His particular expertise lies in tracking game changing companies, innovative business models and disruptive technologies like AI, BDA, IIoT, blockchain, cloud in the digital transformation of the life sciences industry. He has engaged with clients across key healthcare sectors from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to clinical diagnostics and clinical research. His thought leadership and in-depth understanding of the precision health ecosystem enable him to guide companies in identifying growth opportunities in key segments like targeted therapeutics, companion diagnostics, genomics, etc. He holds a Master degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor.

Additionally, the name of the company is spelled as Frost & Sullivan and title is Program Manager, Transformational Health.

Atooro Fund Yonatan Brender Managing General Partner at Atooro Fund

Yonatan Brender – Managing General Partner at Atooro Fund (established in 2016), one of Israel's leading venture capital firms. Atooro Fund is focused on post-seed and growth stage companies in the area of Human–Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Cyber Security, Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation and Biopharmaceutical. 18 companies in current portfolio, 2 exists since 2016. Prior to establishing Atooro Fund, Yonatan served as VP Business Development of Elenilto Group, where he led the operation in Ethiopia, Senegal, Canada and Israel and focused mainly on an Industrial and commodity projects. Prior to that, Yonatan was CEO Internet Division at Ramy Levy Retail Group, one of the largest supermarket chains in Israel. Yonatan is actively involved in the field of tech transfer and knowledge exchange between Russian and Israeli entrepreneurs.

Partner at Rutech Fund Anna Sholina CEO “TOP Coaches of Youth Entrepreneurship”

Anna Sholina – CEO “TOP Coaches of Youth Entrepreneurship”, Founder “Business and Teams Development Center”, Managing Partner at Rutech Ventures Ltd, Russia, Head of EMERGE Community.

Anna co-leads the working group on engaging the Russian students into entrepreneurship activity. The work of the group is coordinated by the Expert Council on Education and Social Engagement of the Russian Duma Science and Education Committee. Anna also coordinates the work of the federal and regional small business acceleration programs.

Work experience:

2009 – 2016 – “Neobyknovennaya Dinamika” (“Marvelous Dynamics”), board games and toys;
2008 – Educational company “Liga” (“League”), entrepreneurship trainings and programs organizer;
2012 – 2014 – guest expert in the business incubator of the Junior Academy of the City Administration;
2014-2015 – International Business School coach;
2015 – “You are the Entrepreneur!” federal program expert and the author of the Entrepreneurship Educational Program materials;
2015 – “TOP Federal Youth Entrepreneurship Coaches”

Community Membership:

- High School of Finance guest expert (RANEPA International Graduate Program);
- Moscow Financial University guest expert;
- Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education member,
- Federal Agency on Youth Affairs expert

IBM Artyom Semenikhin Industrial Research Team Leader

Artyom has 5 years of experience in Upstream and focuses at whole lifecycle of the project: from ideation phase to final delivery. Artyom is focused on data analytics, machine learning projects although has experience of business consulting as well. He and his team are typically engaged in non-standard projects with high degree of research work required for successful delivery. Artyom and his team operates mostly in Russia and CIS regions, helping to address IBM clients their challenges in Upstream sector (mostly related to massive data collection and analytics).

Skoltech Evgeniy Burnaev Associate Professor

Evgeny Burnaev obtained his MSc in Applied Physics and Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2006. After successfully defending his PhD thesis in Foundations of Computer Science at the Institute for Information Transmission Problem RAS in 2008, Evgeny stayed with the Institute as a head of IITP Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling Lab.Since 2007 Evgeny Burnaev carried out a number of successful industrial projects with Airbus, SAFT, IHI, and Sahara Force India Formula 1 team among others. Since 2016 Evgeny Burnaev is an Associate Professor of Skoltech and manages his research group for Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering, specialized in industrial analytics and development of machine learning methods. The main research directions are predictive modeling for optimization of technological processes and 3D computer vision with medical applications.

In 2017 Evgeny Burnaev (jointly with Alexey Zaytsev and Maxim Panov) was honored with the Moscow Government Prize for Young Scientists in the category "Transmission, Storage, Processing and Protection of Information" for his scientific contribution and leading the project "The development of methods for predictive analytics for processing industrial, biomedical and financial data."

Youth Laboratories Anastasia Georgievskaya Co-founder & CEO

Anastasia Georgievskaya is the co-founder and CEO of Youth Laboratories, a company developing tools to study aging and human diseases. YLabs discovers effective anti-aging interventions using advances in machine vision and artificial intelligence. The big goal of YLabs is to use imaging data to help people extend healthy longevity. 

Anastasia has a degree in bioengineering and bioinformatics. She won numerous math and bioinformatics competitions, presented and chaired a panel at Re-Work Deep Learning in Healthcare London 2017 and presented at the Economist Event Asia 2017

Yandex Andrey Sebrant Director of Product Marketing

Andrey Sebrant is Director of Product Marketing at Yandex. He joined the company in 2004 and served as Director of Special Projects at the Marketing Department for four years prior to becoming Director of Product Marketing in 2008.

In this position, Andrey supervises strategic planning, product development, market research and analytics, as well as marketing communication that reaches tens of millions of Yandex users.

Working as a laser physics researcher in the late 80s, Andrey was ahead of the trend when the internet emerged in Russia. At different times of his career, he was in charge of marketing at one of the first internet companies in Russia, GlasNet, edited the Russian pages of the US-based multimedia portal, and overlooked production and strategic planning at what at the time was the largest web portal in Europe. Andrey was instrumental in the development and promotion of a number of popular web projects in Russia. He has been Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Journal of Internet Marketing since 2002.

Skoltech Anton Ivanov Director, Skoltech Center for Space Research

Anton Ivanov is currently Associate Professor at Skoltech and the Acting Director of Skoltech Space Center (since 2017). After receiving his PhD in Planetary Science from Caltech in 2000, Dr Ivanov joined the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to contribute to Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express and Mars Science Laboratory projects. In 2007, Dr Ivanov joined Swiss Space Center at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland) to lead development of the Concurrent Design Facility. There he was responsible for the Minor in SpaAce Technologies and led projects in precise cubesat positioning (CubETH), study phase for an exoplanets observatory (CHEOPS), hyperspectral remote sensing (SOLVE) and participated in mission operations for the SwissCube satellite. He is also a Co-I on MARSIS and CASSIS experiments, currently in operations. Anton is an expert with the EU H2020 program (Space).

Da Vinci Capital Denis Efremov Investment Director

Denis Efremov, PhD serves as an Investment Director at Da Vinci Capital. He is responsible for the oversight of portfolio companies, origination and analysis of investment opportunities and deals execution. He primarily focuses on financial technology and information technology, and covers such niches as blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions. Prior to joining Da Vinci Capital, Denis worked at McKinsey & Company, where he specialized in the financial institutions sector and was affiliated with the firm’s Global Financial Institutions Center. Denis currently serves as the board member at ITI Capital (ex. ITinvest) and ITI Funds, and is also an investor and mentor of several early stage technology companies. He holds the PhD in International Economics from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Skoltech & Digital Petroleum Dmitry Koroteev Дмитрий Коротеев является доцентом Института науки и технологий (Сколтех) в Москве.

Дмитрий Коротеев является доцентом Института науки и технологий (Сколтех) в Москве. Имеет кандидатскую степень в области физики защищенную в МГУ.

В Сколтехе Дмитрий руководит лабораторией нефтяных данных, руководит несколькими отраслевыми исследованиями и разработкой проектов, направленных на развитие цифровых технологий для оптимизации геологоразведки и добычи углеводородов. До работы в Сколтехе Дмитрий 10 лет проработал в высокотехнологичном сегменте нефтегазовой отрасли. В 2015-2016 годах возглавлял направление производственной разведки компании Schlumberger, а в 2014-2015 годах возглавлял

Департамент новых технологий "Газпром нефти". В 2005 – 2014 годах Дмитрий работал в холдинге "Schlumberger" развившись в компании от научного сотрудника до руководителя исследовательской программы.

Разнообразный 14-летний опыт работы по всему миру в таких областях, как банковское дело, телекоммуникации, страхование, разработке решений по совершенствованию процессов и операций. Сертифицированный Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt тренер и Lean-фасилитатор. Имеет большой опыт управления программой полного совершенствования процессов с участием в руководстве внедрением рамок управления бизнес-процессами и программ управления изменениями.

Calltouch Fyodor Ivanov Senior Product Manager

Fyodor works as the Senior Product Manager in the Calltouch company. He has graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University, having received the undergraduate degree in Math and Computer Science, and the postgraduate education in the Foundations of Information Science (Institute for Information Transmission, Higher School of Business-Informatics).

Fyodor possesses wide expertise in i-Marketing, Machine learning, Optimization Methods and Telecommunications. In 2014 Fyodor has earned his PhD Candidate degree of Physics and Mathematics by defending his thesis paper on the “Foundations of Information Science”. Currently Fyodor serves as a scientist in the Institute for Information Transmission, Russian Academy of Sciences) and conducts lectures for the senior students in the MIPT. He has also performed the duties of the paid search advertising optimizer developer in the I-Media. Since 2016 Fydor has been responsible for conversions optimizer functionality development, optimizer implementation control, product-related customer success service and the optimizer functionality education in the Calltouch company.

Intento Grigory Sapunov Co-founder and CTO

Grigory Sapunov is the co-founder and CTO of Intento, a Berkeley-based company that helps businesses to benchmark cognitive services for the particular business cases and provides access to multiple models via a single integration.

Prior to Intento, Grigory was a tech lead of the Yandex.News service for more than 5 years, worked with IBM Watson Research Center as an invited data science expert and had data science/machine learning/deep learning and software engineering roles in other companies. He is an advisor of several well-established companies and startups.

Grigory graduated Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) as a systems engineer with specialization in Intellectual Information Systems in 2002, got a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence in 2006.

From 2005 to 2008 he held an undergraduate course on Digital Signal Processing in MIEM as a principal lecturer. From 2015 Grigory participates in professional training activities in the field of Big Data, Data Science, Machine and Deep Learning. Since 2017 he holds a master course on Deep Learning for Biology in Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow.

Runa Capital Konstantin Vinogradov Senior Investment Associate at Runa Capital

Konstantin works at Runa Capital for last 6 years where he mostly focuses on deal sourcing, due diligence and portfolio development. His primary areas of expertise is machine intelligence and favourite startup markets are UK and France. Besides VC experience at Runa, Konstantin worked at several startups, headed international startup competition, co-founded and subsequently sold small hardware company. Also he holds BS and MS degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

iTech Capital Maksim Shavrygin Investment Manager

iTech Capital is a group of private equity funds with more than $300M of total assets under management. The fund invests at the Series A stage in rapidly growing businesses with a focus on AdTech, MarTech, BigData, SaaS, FinTech. Portfolio companies are the leaders in their sectors: Bitfury, Aviasales, Trading View, iContext, Ticketland, and others.

In iTech Capital Maksim is responsible for new investments and working with portfolio companies. He has an extensive experience investing across different industries and geographies (CIS, Europe, United States) both in public and private markets. He holds an MBA degree from Haas School of Business (University of California, Berkeley). 

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Maxim Sharaev Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Education and degrees:

MS in Biochemical Physics at Dept. of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia; Department of Biophysics, 2006-2012.

Thesis: “Wavelet analysis of the human brain electric activity at neutral and emotional stimulation.”

Equivalent to graduation summa cum laude

PhD in Biochemical Physics at Dept of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia; Department of Biophysics, 2012-2016

Thesis: “Functional integration of neuronal populations in human brain”

Research Interests:

  • EEG, fMRI in attention, memory, cognition
  • Mathematical modeling of perception/processing of information (especially DCM,
  • Dynamic Causal Modeling, Transfer Entropy), resting-state fMRI, MVPA in neuroimaging
  • Biofeedback and BCI
  • Machine learning approaches in neurology/psychiatry/neurosurgery

Other Interests:

  • Statistical analysis/modeling (including Monte-Carlo simulation, nonparametric methods, resampling methods, Bayesian inference)
  • Derivatives enhanced pricing models (including stock options, stochastic volatility models)
  • Optimization methods (including genetic algorithms, gradient methods and etc.)

Membership, duties etc.

Member of BioN, IBRO (International Brain Research Organisation)

iPavlov Mikhail Burtsev Mikhail Burtsev is  head of Neural Networks and Deep Learning Laboratory at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Mikhail Burtsev is head of Neural Networks and Deep Learning Laboratory at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. In 2005, he received the Ph.D. degree from Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences. From 2011 to 2016 he was head of the lab of Department of Neuroscience at Kurchatov NBIC Centre. Now he is one of the organizers of NIPS 2017 Conversational Intelligence Challenge, and a head of iPavlov Project.

His research interests are in fields of Natural Language Processing , Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Complex Systems. Mikhail Burtsev has published more than 20 technical papers including – Nature, Artificial Life, Lecture Notes in Computer Science series and other peer reviewed venues.

CEO&Founder Robomed Network Mironovich Philipp Master degree in international economics

Bachelor degree in finance

The founder of several projects in medicine and IT. 7 years of successful entrepreneurship in healthcare market, finalist of the EY 2015 "Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

CEO & Founder of «Open Clinics» hospital network, operating 6 hospitals in Russia. (

Chairman of the Committee on information technology of the Association of private clinics of the Central Federal district.

Lobster Olga Egorsheva Founder& CEO

An internationally-minded visionary with a natural instinct for disruptive technologies. Olga Egorsheva’s first taste of entrepreneurship arrived in the form of a family photography business which she founded with her father back in 2005. From there, she broadened her global expertise by working across a diverse array of Cities, including Oslo, Paris and Bonn. Following an MBA, which involved hands-on corporate entrepreneurship experience, she settled in London with an ambitious idea to disrupt the content search and licensing field forever. Joining forces with two co-founders, this new venture Lobster was announced to the world from the stages of TechCrunch Europe.

Kaggle Pavel Pleskov Kaggle Grandmaster

Pavel graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (2010) and New Economic School (2012). For a year, he worked as a financial consultant at Oliver Wyman. Then he began to build algorithms in the high-frequency trading industry (HFT). For two years, he was a co-founder and CBDO of ThunderBid. After that, he found his calling in Data Science. In a year Pavel became the 3rd in Russia and the 15th in the world in the ranking of the most popular competitive data analysis platform - Kaggle. Since then, he was professionally participating and helping to organize online competitions and hackathons in DS / ML. Pavel is a huge fan of traveling, motorcycles, and kitesurfing.

Pavel Volchkov Pavel Volchkov is the leading research scientist working in the field of genom engineering, specifically – stem cells biology, immunology and regenerative medicine.

Pavel Volchkov is the leading research scientist working in the field of genome engineering, specifically – stem cells biology, immunology and regenerative medicine. Pavel has earned the Biology degree in the Moscow State University as a biochemist-virologist. He has also worked in the Chicago University and, later, in Harvard’s Institute of hematology and regenerative medicine. When working in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Pavel has opened the Hematology engineering laboratory aimed to create therapies based on a human’s genome editing.

Alpha Robotics Venture Vladimir Belyy HEAD OF

Vladimir Belyy serves as the head of the Alpha Robotics Venture Fund. He is a scientist, investor, expert, inventor, robotics engineer and a teacher.

Having received university degrees in design and engineering, Vladimir has been participating in various robotics technology and IT projects.

He frequently contributes to the National Geographic and teaches at the MTS, Moscow Cinema School, British Higher School of Art and Design and MISIS University. Vladimir also performs as a Speaker at TEDx, Synergy forums, Transformation.

Vladimir develops projects in the “blue ocean” niche. He was granted with the British Invention Award for the contribution to the science development. More than that, he was selected as the TOP 250 Russian CEO featured by the “CEO” (“Generalny Director) Journal.

Forbes has extensively highlighted the work of Vladimir as he is one of the leading Robotis&AI experts with high citation index.

AeroNetLab, Skoltech Vladimir Ignatiev Head of the laboratory

Vladimir Ignatiev - Ph.D. graduated from MIPT, head of the laboratory AeroNetLab, Skoltech ( Prior to joining Skoltech, he developed algorithms for analyzing remote sensing data for agriculture and monitoring of anomalous processes on the ocean surface.

Now Vladimir is in charge of the laboratory, which is engaged in developing and applying machine-learning algorithms for intelligent analysis of Earth observation data. AeroNetLab also develops analytical services based on remote sensing data for various business solutions. Our current projects are devoted to Urban areas analytics and Emergency mapping by operative satellite imagery.

Research Interests:

  • Machine learning/deep learning approaches for remote sensing data analysis
  • Spatial-temporal analysis of long-term remote sensing data for prediction problems;
  • Multi-sensor data fusion for multi-spectral image upscaling problems;
  • missing data recovery;
  • Sea-wave spectra reconstruction from satellite imagery.
BoostCollect Vladimir Pavlov CTO and Co-founder

Vladimir has broad expertise in machine learning and computer vision. He is the author of multiple scientific articles, including those indexed by Web of Science and Scopus. For the last 7 years he has been successfully developing internet-services for Russian and international markets. Vladimir has also led the development teams in 3 companies (2 of which were the worldwide projects). At BoostCollect he is responsible for technological service development. He is certain that the machine learning technologies make the whole process of debt recovery – one of the most conservative and closed industries – more transparent and easier for stakeholders to grasp. As for his hobbies, Vladimir likes travel and big tennis.

Intelocate Yulia Vasilieva Founder and CEO

Yulia is the founder and CEO of Intelocate, a tech company that built a solution that improves operations in complex multi-location businesses, managing and resolving issues in 18,000 locations across the world. 

Yulia is originally from St Petersburg (Russia) and has a journalistic background. When she moved to Canada however, she began a career working for large Canadian retailers. During this time, she witnessed the level of complexity involved in the operational processes of these large corporations. This inspired Yulia to develop a platform that would provide a simplified approach to daily business operations, and she built the prototype of what would eventually become Intelocate.

Yulia often speaks on topics of higher operational efficiency, innovative technologies, millennials, as well as entrepreneurship for young people.

Digital Leadership Center

Innovative hub for events, new technological solutions demonstrations and joint developments with customers and partners.

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Combine science, developers, business and investors with the common goal of creating a revolution in AI technologies in different vital industries.

It is necessary to minimize the path from the scientific idea to the finished commercial product.

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- More then 50 AI startups presented at the Startup Valley, TOP 100 AI developers will participate in the AIOne Hackathon, Global and private Funds wull be the guests at our event


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